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Diablo Rapid Print can scan up to 11x17 color images on our flatbed scanner, and up to 36" width by any length on our large format scanners.


Large format scanning provides a high quality digital copy of your architectural and engineering drawings, house plans, landscape plans, or any other large scale original. We can scan it to any specific size, even 8 1⁄2 x 11, so you can print it out on your home printer. Or maybe you would like to have us put your drawings on a disk and keep it around so your sub-contractors can come and make prints for themselves.

Still have your old house blueprints lying around your home? Not a good idea, we’ll scan them and write them to a CD that you can drop into any safety deposit box. In addition we can reduce, enlarge, rotate, reverse, lighten and darken your prints.

Below you will find a list of settings to choose from when you drop off a set of originals.

    • File type: PDF or TIFF
    • Scan quality: 200, 300, or 400dpi
    • Reduce or enlarge: from 25% to 400%
    • Various scan settings: mirror image, lighten, darken, photographic quality, blueprint reversal, and many more.